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Can Exercise Reduce the Effects of Aging?

Can Exercise Reduce the Effects of Aging?

The positive effects of exercise for your health is well known by everybody. You certainly don’t need a scientific study to tell you that this is true. But can exercise have a positive effect on stopping the aging process? Read on to find out…
There has been new research that shows inflammation in the body can be reduced if you undergo regular physical activity. Why is this important? This type of inflammation in the body is part of the aging process and reducing it could help you lower the risk of diseases such as depression, heart disease, lowered mental function and the loss of muscle density.
Although past research has already shown that inflammation can be reduced through exercise, a new study that was published in the “Circulation” journal tracked the progress of individuals over a 10 year period to investigate the effects of exercise in the long term.
The result of this study was that in general terms, the individuals who were more active at the start of the study, or who had done more exercise towards the end had lower levels of inflammation. This is positive as decreased inflammation is a way to keep your body young.
The general level of fitness of these individuals were measured by the researchers by checking to see if they had met the guidelines of 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Although that amount sounds like a lot, it is actually quite doable. Here are a few tips to help ensure you get the right amount of exercise per week.

How to meet the physical activity guidelines
You can achieve the weekly physical activity guidelines by breaking up your workouts into 20-30 minute sessions per day. Some physical activities you could try include walking, running, cycling, housework or even gardening.

Try to Avoid Extreme Physical Exertion
Any type of exercise that requires you to exert 70% of your maximum physical effort over a 30 minute period counts as physical activity. If you exercise over this amount of intensity it could actually increase your inflammation levels.

Consider Interval Training
For a highly effective and time efficient workout try interval training.

Gradually Increase your Exercise Over Time
After a month of exercise, your body will strengthen and what previously felt like a difficult workout will be a lot easier.
As you can see there is more to the regular health benefits of exercise. It helps reduce inflammation and in turn the effects of aging. As long as you meet your weekly physical guidelines, avoid extreme physical exertion and gradually increase your exercise over time, you will be able to reap the benefits of reducing the effects of aging.