Friday, March 25, 2016

The Daily Habits of the Naturally Slim

The Daily Habits of the Naturally Slim

Do you have the friend who always appears to be ‘naturally’ slim, who can eat almost anything because they have a ‘fast metabolism’? You might think they are so lucky and that it all comes down to their genetics.

While genetics might play a small role, most of it comes down to their daily habits around eating and keeping fit. The good news is that you can do this too if you just follow these following tips:

1 - Slim people choose to be satisfied rather than full
Thin people often stop short of feeling full when eating a meal. They distinguish between the feelings of fullness with the feelings of being satisfied. By being more aware of whether you are satisfied you can help reduce the amount of calories you intake on daily basis.

2 - Slim people eat foods that aren’t calorie dense
Foods that are ‘bulky’ but low in calories help you feel full and satiated. These are often foods that have a high level of water content such as vegetables, fruits, water-based soups and stews and whole grains that are cooked. They also tend to be high in fibre content which also help you feel full.

3 - Slim people are conscious about portion sizes
This doesn’t mean that they go to the extremes of measuring devices such as measuring cups or food scales. But they are aware of what they are eating without making it an obsession. They focus on keeping to the principles of lean protein, vegetables and fruits.

They also use simple strategies such as ordering a single serve of food, eating ready-made meals that are portion controlled, avoiding the ‘family size’ restaurants and using plates that are slightly smaller.

4 - Slim people make themselves their number one priority
Often individuals who are unhealthy and overweight may be putting other people before themselves leaving no time to look after their health and well being.

Slim people make it a priority to eat right, exercise on a regular basis and take time out to relax from stress.

5 - Slim people have active lifestyles
Taking the stairs, walking from place to place or even working at a standing desk adds up over the day. In a study at Mayo Clinic, Minnesota participants who were self-proclaimed couch potatoes were divided into obese and lean individuals. The study found that the leaner individuals spent a lot of time standing and fidgeting in comparison the the obese individuals who sat on average an extra two hours per day. As a result, if the obese individuals simply stood for an extra 2 hours per day they would burn an extra 350 calories without even working out.

As you can see the daily habits of slim people are no ‘magic secret’. They simply involve lifestyle changes which will add up over time to become slim.


  1. I believe that genetics is partly the reason for the naturally slim because I know people who eat a lot but never gain weight. Perhaps it will show in middle age, but at this point, they should consider themselves lucky. I don’t consider myself slim, but since I walk a lot, I tend to keep my weight under control. Sometimes it doesn’t need a drastic lifestyle change; tweaking some habits can work too.

    1. I agree with you with changing some bad eating habits. It’s tough at first, but when you get through that first hurdle of accepting change, then it’s going to be smooth-sailing. I, myself, am not particularly slim, but I’m within the normal range, weigh-wise, at my age (middle). It takes a bit of an effort if you really want to make a change in your body weight and built.

    2. When you get to middle age, everything changes. I was slim all my young life, but when I hit middle age, metabolism slowed down and I gained a lot of weight. I work out twice as hard just to shed off a few pounds. If I didn’t change my diet, my weight would’ve ballooned to shocking levels.

    3. We’re pretty much on the same boat. I guess the slim period doesn’t stay too long. But let’s not lose all hope. We just need to maintain an active lifestyle and be conscious of what we eat and how much we eat. It gets a little bit easier as we go along.

    4. I like what you said “tweaking” some habits, because I’ve been doing it to find the best combination of diet and exercise that could give the best results at my age. There are just some diet regimens that don’t agree with my body and they make me feel terrible. These habits are great but it may not work all the time.

  2. Some of these may be true and some could be over-generalizations. I think the most plausible is genetics. Some people are just born slim and svelte no matter what they do. Of course, there are those who make an effort to stay slim because they are too conscious of how they look. I’d like to think that many slim people are more health-conscious and they genuinely want to stay fit.

  3. These habits could also be habits of people who are not naturally slim, but would like to stay fit and healthy. Following these habits have desirable results. I try to have an active lifestyle by engaging in sports and going on daily walks. I watch what I eat and make sure that I get enough sleep. Anybody can follow these habits and I can assure that there will be changes in your body, for the better.

  4. These are all so true. People need to realize that our diet needs to take first priority. It's not always best to eat what comes out of a can or from a drive-thru window. We can all have skinny bodies if we just focus on what eat each day. It's really that easy.

  5. Interesting post! I work really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I do know some people that are or were "skinny fat" people - these people usually eat what they like, when they like and don't think about the calories or whether it's healthy for them. They maybe slim, but it's not healthy, for example they have little muscle, and what weight they do have is fat. Most of the people I know that were like this has since gained a lot of weight. I suppose when they are younger their metabolism can handle all the unhealthy foods they eat, but as they get older, it catches up with them, and eventually they will gain weight.

  6. I agree with Cycle, I've known a few people who were slim in their younger days, had such unhealthy eating habits that started showing up as they got older. If they were active throughout their youth, that's great, but to rely on that "fast metabolism"....and I've seen slimmer people get very, very ill because they were so obsessed with counting calories and whatnot. Everything needs to be done with common sense.