Friday, February 5, 2016

How To Track Your Fitness Progress

How To Track Your Fitness Progress

If you are going through your fitness journey, it is important to measure your progress. If you don’t track any of your stats then you won’t be able to tell if what you are doing is actually working for you.

A couple of reasons why you should track your fitness include:
     Your body weight alone doesn’t tell the whole story - you might be burning fat and making strength gains but this won’t reflect on the scales as muscle will weigh heavier than body fat. If you used your scale as the only measuring device you will be frustrated despite your body looking leaner and tighter.
     You can’t tell if you are heading in the direction of your goals - this can include your body shape, but also other things such as how you look and feel.
     You can’t tell how much you are eating - if you don’t track your calories then you won’t know if you are losing weight on a daily basis, or if you are underweight you will be frustrated at not gaining any weight.
     You can’t tell if you are getting stronger - for example if you don’t track the number of pullups you can do, how do you know if you are actually getting stronger?

Now that you understand the importance of tracking your fitness progress, here are some ways you can measure it:

     BMI Body Mass Index - This is a measure of your body fat as a proportion of your height and weight.
     Scale - Your overall body weight. Use this in conjunction with other measuring tools
     Tape Measurements of Circumference - This type of measurement includes tracking your hips, waist and abdominal circumferences. It can help give you an idea of your progress with body fat. Other good places to measure include your thigh and chest areas.
     Fitness Apps - These are great for tracking your workouts, the frequency and quantity of your workouts, food and even your body stats. They are also great for accountability with personal training.
     Whether Your Clothes Fit - This is a good visual test. If you find that you no longer fit into your favourite pair of skinny jeans it can be a good indicator of body fat percentage.
     Electronic Body Fat Measurer (Handheld) - Although there is room for error, this can give you a good indication of your total body fat percentage.
     Body Weight and Body Fat Scales - Similar to the electronic handheld measurer, these also can measure your body fat percentage and hydration levels. They are also open to error as the timing of your meals and water can affect the result.
     Journaling - This can provide a visual representation of your workouts and body measurement progress. You can also include our own thoughts to provide you a reference on how you felt during certain nutrition and workout plans.

Measure your fitness progress with some of these tips and you will be able to see the improvement in your fitness.

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  1. I agree with all the reasons provided here. I use a fitness app to monitor my progress because it’s easier to keep track of calorie intake and body stats that way. But what really helps me is journaling. It’s not just about achieving the desired goal, it’s also about the journey. I record my thoughts and I write down how I feel about the fitness program. It’s important for me that I’m also enjoying the process because it’s a tough road ahead. I’ve checked your Fat Diminisher program, and it looks promising. I was thinking it could be a good supplement to the fitness program I’m currently following.

    1. I also use fitness apps and it’s great fun! I feel that using them makes me more aware of my fitness goals. But of course I don’t obsess about it lol. I just think that the technology makes it much easier to track our progress. I haven’t done journaling because I’m a bit lazy to record my thoughts, but I think it’s a great way to look back at experiences and see what works and what doesn’t.

  2. I, personally, use journaling and MyFitnessPal. Both of these help me track my weight loss and help me track what I'm eating. I think it's been really beneficial in my weight loss. My cravings for sweets have stopped. Once you find out how many calories you're consuming in a day, yours will too.

  3. I’m a sucker for fitness gadgets. I started with the Nike+ app and thought it was the best fitness app ever created. Then better apps came along and I just went crazy trying out a lot of them. Right now I’m on a fitbit kick. It has everything I need. I’ve never done journaling because I feel that the vital stats speak for themselves.

  4. I'm keeping a journal and my wife and I both got the Fitbits. So far, so good. It's a good start. Looking forward to see where I'm at in a few months' time.