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Healthy Weight Loss and Women: Why Women May Have Difficulty with Weight Loss... and How They Can Conquer It


Healthy Weight Loss and Women: Why Women May Have Difficulty with Weight Loss… and How They Can Conquer It

It's no secret—women have difficulty with weight loss. Try Googling information about women and weight loss and see what you get. Of course, that's before you look at all the weight loss remedies suggested for women only.

So, everyone has their own idea about how women can lose weight. Very few, however, write about why women have trouble losing weight. Well, that's what we're going examine here.

Why Women Have Difficulty With Weight Loss

A woman's genetics and her environment. What do those factors have to do with weight loss? Well, according to research, both factors play a role in why women tend to become overweight or obese.


One's environment tends to influence how one acts. Research about women and the difficulty with losing weight seems to suggest that.

A wide range of women today share a common experience. They're usually busy to the point where they can't plan to eat healthier foods. Some don't even have enough time to devote to getting enough exercise.

What does this have to do with weight loss troubles?

A low energy lifestyle and high calorie diet may lead to becoming overweight or obese. Fortunately, many women are making strides toward conquering their lagging weight loss problems.


Certain genetic factors may also cause some women to have difficulty losing weight. Disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome may aggravate weight loss efforts for some women.

So, some women may find genetics do play a factor. But many scientific resources suggest environmental factors primarily cause women's weight loss problems today.

Women, Overcome Weight Loss With These Tips

Can women overcome their weight loss problems? Of course, they can! But self improvement does take time, so keep that in mind.

Women have a lot of ways to overcome weight loss issues, such as:

1.      Make realistic goals for weight loss. It's difficult to get started doing anything. If you know your limits, you'll eventually reach the finish line. Short term weight loss plans work well, especially if you're just starting out.
2.      Make dietary changes, one step at a time. Healthier foods provide better sustenance for the body. Move away from 'unhealthy' foods and replace them with healthier versions over time.
3.      Get more exercise on a semi-regular basis. Even some physical activity, like low intensity walking, helps weight loss. It's best to combine regular exercise with healthy dieting to get the best results, especially if you're having difficulty with weight loss.
4.      Learning better eating habits. Food cravings are the bane of many women's existence. They're often the reason why weight loss gets difficult. Smaller meals, usually eaten throughout the day, usually help curb random day to day hunger.

Women and Healthy Weight Loss: In Conclusion

Even if you're against the odds, it's possible to lose weight. Women with environmental setbacks can conquer weight loss problems. So can women who have genetic problems that may hold back their weight loss. Sure, it takes time and effort, but if you work at it, it's completely possible.

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  1. As the main cook/baker in our household, as I was changing up my diet, I also changed up the diet for the family overall, for the better. And that's no to say they don't get more regular "fun" foods than I, but for the most part, the eating habits of the family has changed for the better. So when you take the steps to make a change for yourself, it can also change for the family. A definite win-win!

  2. I've come far on my weight loss. I don't want to slack off now and gain it all back. I'm still trying to eat healthy and exercise each day. It takes commitment, but it's so worth it.

  3. There’s just too many factors to consider when trying to lose weight. Women have to deal with many issues when it comes to their body. Sometimes there are medical conditions that they are not aware of, and that’s what’s stopping them from losing the excess weight. I agree with setting realistic goals and if possible, consult your doctor before going through a new diet regimen so that medical issues can be ruled out.