Monday, February 1, 2016

Healthy Food Substitutes That Don't Make You Feel Deprived


Healthy Food Substitutes That Don’t Make You Feel Deprived

If you are trying to eat healthy but are finding it difficult to beat your cravings for junk food, you should try using some healthier substitutes instead.

Don’t put up with feelings of deprivation - these healthier substitutes will keep you satisfied and not feeling like you are on a strict diet.

Whole wheat flour instead of White flour
If you are bake anything with whole wheat flour instead of white flour, you will be able to increase the amount of nutrients and fiber in your food. Whole wheat is rich in fibre because it contains the whole outer shell of the grain. This will help with digestion and also lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Brown Rice instead of White Rice
A lot of the essential nutrients of rice is stripped away during the processing of white rice because the bran layer is stripped away. Brown rice is more nutritious and higher in fibre because of this.

Whole wheat pasta instead of regular Pasta
Whole wheat pasta has a higher amount of fiber and contains around 50 calories less per serving when compared with regular pasta.

Dry Beans instead of Canned Beans
Although the convenience of canned beans are part of their appeal, they tend to contain preservatives and excess sodium. Dried beans are also cheaper as an added bonus.

Vanilla instead of sugar
You can get a lot more flavour from using a teaspoon of vanilla and a lot less calories as well. In some cases you could get even half the amount of calories from using vanilla extract instead of sugar.

Natural Peanut Butter instead of Low Fat/Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Although they might seem like a healthier alternative, reduced fat peanut butter often contains more sugar - as well as many additives - when compared to natural peanut butter. If you can get unsalted natural peanut butter you will be able to enjoy this healthier version without the unhealthy additives.

Tea instead of Carbonated Sodas
Drinking tea will dramatically reduce your calorie intake as it contains no sugar and also has antioxidant benefits. Soda on the other hand has zero nutritional benefit and contains 8 teaspoons of sugar, which equates to a large amount of calories.

Organic Dark Chocolate instead of Regular Chocolate Bars
Let’s be realistic - some of us just can’t give up our sweet tooth. If you really enjoy chocolate then a healthier alternative would be organic dark chocolate. Organic Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content, beneficial flavonoids and is free of additives and milk. Compared to regular chocolate which uses vegetable oil as a substitute instead of real cocoa.

Try using some of these healthier substitutes as part of your diet and you won’t have to feel deprived any longer.


  1. As I have always struggled with my weight, and especially after having 3 kids....I made slight changes to what I make use of in the kitchen. And while some stuff gets some time to get use to, others weren't quite as hard. The quality of the food doesn't change and for the most part is even better.

    1. We’re pretty much on the same boat. Eating habits are hard to break, especially the bad ones. So it was a struggle for me and my family when we started to switch to healthier options. We’ve decided that it’s going to be a family thing because it would be tough for one person if the rest are not on board. We can’t have one person eating healthy food while four others eat crappy food.

    2. My wife was the first to go on diet after the birth of our son. I had no plans of going on a strict diet, but I figured that my wife would have a hard time losing weight if she sees me eating high-calorie (but oh so delicious) food. So, we’ve been finding and enjoying healthy food substitutes together to good results. The struggle is still there but once you get used to eating healthy, you’d never want to go back to your bad eating habits.

  2. What’s great about these healthy food substitutes is that they are widely available. I don’t have to travel far and wide just to get some hard to find healthy ingredients. I have started substituting some food items as a way to start a healthy eating habit. I’m doing this gradually so it doesn’t shock my body. I’m proud to say that I’m completely off sodas. But I’m still having trouble giving up chocolates. Our family has a history of diabetes, so I really need to get with the program similar to your Diabetes Destroyer system.

  3. I agree with you on all these foods. I recently started eating clean where all white flour and white sugar were cut out of it. Whole grains, honestly taste SO much better! I really cut out the white foods years ago so I don't really miss them. I don't miss the weight they put on me, either.

    1. Just like you, I’ve cut down on sugar and white flour, but I do it gradually. You know I actually enjoy searching for food substitutes. It’s worth the extra few minutes at the grocery reading up on the ingredients or looking for the closest substitutes. It’s also a way of learning about the food we eat. If we know which ones are bad for us, we’re one step closer to clean eating.